Daddy’s Blog 1 – Hello, then.


Hello, then.

My name is Robert Florence, or Rab Florence, or The Pyramid. But my editor knows me better as Daddy. This is the very first edition of Daddy’s blog, and just a quick one that allows me to say hello. I’m very, very excited to be working on Land of Excitement, and my new boss has been very supportive of me so far. It seems a little bit excessive that I have to make her dinner and read her stories at bedtime, but a freelance writer will take the work where he can get it.



I should maybe give you a little bit of background about myself. I’m a writer, and I’ve always written about games in some form or another. I’ve worked for many games websites that kids might read, such as Eurogamer and Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and places that Mummies and Daddies might read, such as New Statesman. I’ve talked endlessly about games on the internet, then on TV, for more years than I care to admit. Let’s just say that I was reviewing games in video form long before my editor was even a twinkle in her commissioned writer’s eye.

Land of Excitement is a place where I can talk to kids and their mummies and daddies about exciting things that have the power to make us all smile. It’s a safe space on the internet where we can celebrate fun and playtime, and make lots of jokes. I’m thrilled at the prospect of finding out where all of this might lead.

One last thing – I just want to detail exactly how this site works. Our editor is in charge of the whole thing – in fact, I need to pitch ideas to her for stuff I want to write about. She has complete agency over the direction of this website, and she herself will be tinkering with the back-end of the whole thing, through WordPress. In truth, I’m really just sitting back and waiting to see what she would like her Land of Excitement to be, and I’m going to enjoy watching her creatively lead the whole project.

As her Daddy, that in itself is almost exciting enough.



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