Editor’s Blog – Hiya!


One of my favourite shows - NINJAGO
One of my favourite shows – NINJAGO

Hi and welcome to the Land of Excitement!


On this blog I’ll be writing about things I like, like games, toys, TV shows, superheroes, books, films, things like that.

We’ll do reviews, videos, maybe some other cool and funny things too if we have the time.

My dad will also be writing about things he likes. I’ll sometimes tell him what to write but most of the time he can write about whatever he wants — maybe! We’ll be uploading often (hopefully).

I’m quite curious to see what happens with Land of Excitement.


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1 thought on “Editor’s Blog – Hiya!”

  1. Hey there Florence small and tall,
    just got here from RPS and am really excited for where your project is heading.
    I loved you two working together in the RABs TOP50 Boardgames.

    I got a little request. I would be particularly interested in your learning process in creating and running your own Blog and creating video content. So if you like to share your experience, I`ll be a happy reader.

    have fun,
    greetings from Germany

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