How To Train your Dragon: Race To The Edge (NETFLIX)

Hi! Hope here!

Today I’m talking about How To Train Your Dragon: Race to the Edge.



I love this show because I have always loved dragons. My favourite characters are Hiccup and Toothless.  The series is about Hiccup and his friends trying to stop Dragon Hunters and their boss, Viggo, from wiping out all dragons.

Every episode there is a new dragon that we’ve never seen before! It’s funny and exciting and it always ends with an exciting cliffhanger. The animation looks real, and the voice acting is really well done. The dragons in particular look amazing!

So, it’s time to give the show a score!

How To Train Your Dragon: Race To The Edge is streaming on Netflix (UK) NOW

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9 thoughts on “How To Train your Dragon: Race To The Edge (NETFLIX)”

  1. Brilliant review Hope!

    I’ve only seen the first How To Train Your Dragon so I’ll need to check this out. Your review’s made me want to watch it. Keep up the great work!


  2. As a huge lover of both the movies, I really need to sit down and watch this show. It has popped up so many times on my Netflix list, and yet somehow I’ve never sat down and checked out an episode or twenty 😀

  3. I’ve only seen the first of the films and it was a lot of fun.

    I did read a lot of the books when I was younger though, and really enjoyed them. I’m not sure if people even realise that this was originally a series of books? It was quite fun, toothless was cat-sized.

    Good to see that there are still loads of different dragons, I can remember there being tons of different kinds – glow dragons, bat dragons, stealth dragons (I think the new Toothless is based on the stealth dragon design) Saber-tooth dragons- even shark dragons!

    Can Hiccup speak dragon in the films/shows- I can’t remember?

    1. I’m reading the first book right now – it’s so strange that Toothless is the size of a cat! Hiccup can’t speak dragonese in the films or show. Thanks!


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