Hi folks! It’s Robert here.

Having spent a good couple of weeks with PSVR, I can tell you that the experience continues to touch me on a profound level. When I first played around with the headset, I was doing it with others around me, playing multiplayer things and making it all very social. That little honeymoon period was all about showing off the exciting new gadget.

Now that I’ve had a night or two completely alone with the thing, the true potential of VR is making itself known.

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Hi folks! Rab here.

I haven’t been so excited about video games for a long, long time. Despite being someone who was cynical about VR, and even a little bit suspicious of it, I am now a full convert. I have seen the light, and it emanates from a strange plastic headset that is far more comfortable than it has any right to be.

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VR is Exciting!


Well, here we are!

At Land of Excitement, our Playstation VR kit is about to arrive, and from tomorrow we’ll have coverage of that VR experience. Robert (39 years old) has tried VR once – Eve: Valkyrie on Oculus Rift. Hope (9 years old) has never experienced VR. So, we’re going to be giving you our take on this significant moment in gaming.

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Daddy’s Blog 2 – Future Plans


Hey. Robert here.

So we’re up and running at Land of Excitement. It’s been a really exciting couple of weeks, and to our Patreon supporters I say this – you have made a young girl (and her father) very happy. And now that our editor understands that she’s actually going to be making a little bit of pocket money out of this endeavour, she’s been making big plans for the future of this site. You want to know what we’ll be doing? Read on.

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