There’s this really cool card game for people of all ages called RHINO HERO. It’s a game where you have a hand of cards representing roofs, and you play those roofs out into a giant tower that you build using other cards. It is SO COOL. And we just have to tell you a wee story about it.


So, in Rhino Hero, these roof cards have special powers that can change the direction of play, force other players to draw extra cards, and also sometimes summon the super-powerful RHINO HERO to land on the card. And he’s this heavy little wooden hero who might knock the whole tower over.

This is one of the best games EVER. You have to be so careful as you build the walls then lay out your roof, all the while hoping that other players won’t be able to play out a card that will make you miss a turn or have to fly that crazy rhino up the building. Because if you knock the tower down, you lose!

But hey – if ever all the players can build all the walls? ALL THE PLAYERS WIN. And it says in the rulebook that it’s very unlikely. But we just had to show you…

It's our friend Richard helping us on our way to a PERFECT WIN!
It’s our friend Richard helping us on our way to a PERFECT WIN!

We did it! Hope, Robert and Richard became the heroes, and built the tower!

We just had to share!

Hey, Robert here – just wanted to quickly say that Rhino Hero is one of the best games I’ve played this year. I’d say every home should have a copy. Kids adore it, and adults think it’s brilliant too. It’s available for less than a tenner too. It’s a must.

Rhino Hero from HABA games, is available now.

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3 thoughts on “WE BECAME RHINO HEROES”

  1. I’ve ordered this game following Robert’s previous review and now this exceptional feat of tower mastery. So rest assured that the legacy of parting people with their money in the pursuit of board game joy has been fully passed from father to daughter!

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