On Old Games And Kids


Hey folks. Robert here.

At the Land of Excitement Hideout, we have a lot of games. Too many games, probably. Let me talk a little bit about my daughter’s inheritance.


I’ve been into games all my life. Every period of my life is marked by me swinging from computer game to board game to video game to role-playing game.

I’m also a bit of a hoarder too, so these games accumulated over time, until they were spilling from every corner of every house I ever lived in.

Great games, good games, masterpieces, classics. Bad games too. Absolute stinkers that I needed to own so that I could show people how bad they are. I have about three copies of Night Trap, for different machines, simply because it’s both terrible and fantastic at the same time.

Times change, though, and now we live in a world where less and less people own physical copies of stuff. For Hope, games are usually things you download and then delete. They don’t take up space in your room, they never gather dust, you can’t hug them.

So you wonder to yourself, as a father, if your kid might one day look at all this weird stuff you own and think that you might have a screw loose. “Why does daddy need all these Japanese mystery games he doesn’t understand how to play?”

The good news is that, as we ramp up Land of Excitement, suddenly my daft collection has a real practical reason to exist. As my daughter plays Dragon Quest: Builders, and we have a conversation about it, any questions about Dragon Quest can be quickly answered by firing up an old console and the history of the series is right there at her fingertips. Should we have a conversation about historical-themed board games, I can quickly pull out an old Escape From Colditz and have that conversation with some real context.

See, I was keeping all these games just because I thought they were cool. Turns out they might actually be useful now too, thanks to Land of Excitement. How do you look forward without looking back?

My message to you current or future mums and dads is this – keep hanging onto all that excellent stuff you love. Your kids will need them.

(Also, games are just BRILLIANT.)


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1 thought on “On Old Games And Kids”

  1. There are universes upon universes upon universes…what a wonder to explore!

    Watching this space as a model for how to best go adventuring with my younguns–who’re still to young to handle much yet. Looking forward to you two sharing your journeys!

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