VR is Exciting!


Well, here we are!

At Land of Excitement, our Playstation VR kit is about to arrive, and from tomorrow we’ll have coverage of that VR experience. Robert (39 years old) has tried VR once – Eve: Valkyrie on Oculus Rift. Hope (9 years old) hasĀ neverĀ experienced VR. So, we’re going to be giving you our take on this significant moment in gaming.

We’re hoping to cover as many of the games as we can, to guide you into this most exciting new age. Will it live up to expectations? Will it disappoint? How do you use it responsibly? How social can it be? What games will make your jaw drop? Will Hope stop playing Dragon Quest: Builders long enough for us to try it out?

Check back over the weekend to see our initial impressions!

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