REVIEW: Doctor Strange


Hiya, Hope here and today I’m talking about Doctor Strange.


Okay, let’s start with the the beginning. The beginning freaked me out a bit mainly because of the doctor bits, because blood freaks me out.

Now, the magical bits didn’t make sense  to me and the film was soooooooooo CRAZY – buildings turning upside down , it was utterly CRAZY!

I found the film a wee bit boring and I thought it was too sensible and not enough comedy.

But the costumes were amazing and they looked a bit like ninjas to me, i loved Doctor Strange’s levitation cloak it was like it was the magic carpet’s brother. I thought that it was a bit more dark than the other Marvel films. It was a tiny bit scary and I know that all of them are a wee bit scary  but Doctor Strange was really quite dark .

Overall I thought it was quite dark and yes i said it NOT ENOUGH MAGIC i was a bit disappointed but this is just my opinion!

my score is ……..



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3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Doctor Strange”

  1. From the sound of it, 52/100 is a bit generous! I don’t really know much about the film, but you didn’t seem to like it terribly much. Do you worry about hurting the feelings of the filmmakers when you give your scores, or is that you brutally honest opinion?

    It would be really interesting to see what you think of Doctor Strange after some time passes. Maybe you’ll like it more, or less? Or maybe you’ll have completely forgotten it! It would be cool to see what your thoughts are in a few months time.

  2. Great review Hope!

    After reading your review I have decided to go and see something different instead. It doesn’t sound like my kind of film.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hm, not a great score. I’m generally not a big fan of superhero films, I find they take themselves a bit too serious, and they are a bit boring. Hope’s comment that it’s “too sensible and not enough comedy” sounds like that. I was hoping this one might be a bit more fun.

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