To Our Readers And Backers!

An early peek at the new Land Of Excitement head office.

Robert here.

Hands up – don’t blame the editor. We’ve been short of posts for the past couple of weeks here at Land Of Excitement, and it’s because of me. Luckily, I haven’t been fired – YET.


Here is what’s been happening. I’ve moved house – and all the infrastructure of the site is on my computer. In the chaos and kerfuffle of a total house move, with no internet access, it’s been impossible to update the site.

So – apologies to everybody who checks out the site, and particular apologies to our Patreon supporters. And a big thank you for your patience!

We’re back now, though, and we are FULL TIME. And that’s a guarantee. We’ve put things in place that will ensure there’s no more downtime. The reviews, news, audio stuff and videos are coming. We want to grow our wee site throughout 2017, and we’re excited to get going.

Thanks for staying on board. Let’s have fun!

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