Warhammer: Build & Paint – First Impressions

Built. Not yet painted.

The project begins, and above you can see an image of a Space Marine Terminator and Space Marine bike, built by a 9 year old. But what does her da think?


I was really impressed by the contents of this little box. For some reason, I didn’t quite register how much you actually get – so when I saw that a nice Citadel Starter brush came alongside the wee paints and the glue and such, I was quite excited. Everybody loves a fresh new brush. Most of the additional stuff in the box is paint-related, so we’ll get to that when we paint!

The models came, as you would expect, on a sprue – so the most difficult part of the build for new wee hands is snipping the components loose. Once that was done, though, the Terminator model was a clean and easy push-fit, while the bike demanded a bit more glueing and careful placement.

With some encouragement, and a little bit of help, kids are going to be able to build these models without any real trouble. The most tricky part is learning to recognise what is model and what is sprue, and these models have a low number of fiddly elements, so it’s a good way to learn.

I didn’t go into the whole cleaning off the flash thing, or anything like that. Baby steps! And beautifully, it looks like these sets are designed for exactly that. I even like the fact that the models come in the primary base colour that fits – meaning that the paint that’s included is used to just pick out necessary colours. It’s all kept very simple.

So – these new kits have made a great first impression. Next, we paint! And you’ll see the results very soon!


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