HIYA GUYS! today i’m reviewing another one of my faviourite shows called SUPERGIRL

Supergirl and the Flash are my two faviourite tv shows i love them.


Supergirl is about a girl from KRYPTON  called Kara Zor-El ( she’s supermans cousin )  but she’s sent to earth as well  as Kal-El ( superman ) but something delays her from going to earth as quick as kalel  ( not telling you because SPOILERS ) But she gets sent to a new home with a sister.


I love all the characters and iv’e  seen them all because iv’e  watched this weeks already. anyways, anyways supergirl is so cool she’s so heroic and always put’s  other people’s needs before hers which is a great value if you ask me . she has friends  called wyne and james’s are really funny and help her ALOT! THE BAD GUYS  most of them really get on my nerves big time but they are all awesome with awesome  costumes ( well done coustme deisigner you DID a great job ! ) there’s this bady called LIVEWIRE  she’s soooooooooooooooooooooooo cool. she first appears early in the first series .


I really enjoy this show it’s very entertaining and i love watching it. some episodes are quite lighthearted but others can be a bit dark but i think that transition from one to the other is really good. some times the characters are so action packed you feel the’re going to leap out of the screen at you.

and others are just like: fighting? NO THANKS:


LIKE THE FLASH  the acting of the characters really bring the show to life seriously though how can they sometimes not just crack up in funny lines they say that would be an impossible challenge for me the actors make the characters personality really shine so what i’m trying to say is acting TOP NOTCH


MOST OF THE TIME THE PLOTS  ARE GREAT! and sometimes you’re like noooooooooooooooooo.              I  really like the story of KRYPTON and her being supermans cousin .  i love how sometimes she’s in her job and she hears like a siren and then she just secretly blasts out the window.


sorry this has been so short but if you have not watched supergirl definately give it ago you won’t regret it it really is amazing and say what you would do if you were supergirl in the comments: i would help people and go on a bunch of holiday you can fly after all!


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