FILM REVIEW: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Hey guys, it’s Hope I am so sorry we have not been uploading as much as we said we would we have just never really had time because of various things! But we’re sure things will be back to normal now!

Anyways, today I’m writing about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

i LOVE this film as much as i loved the first one!



So my favourite character is rocket ( Which is actually my nickname! ) he’s ¬†just hilarious and his engineering abilities are seriously on point and his awesome collection of rockets are so cool!


Now I loved the storyline it would never be predictiple and you never get bored either it just grabs your attention and i was like ” i need to know more ! ” everything about it was one word – awesome – i actually have an guardians of the galaxy poster! me and my friend are obssesed with superheroes ¬†anyway, the storyline was new and didn’t follow the same path as the last one did .


A bunch of the lines made me and my friend just want to burst out laughing it was sooo funny !


Now these story turners you would never predict them and that is what makes you just go WOW!!!! I CAN’T BELIVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!


Ahhhh the clothes are….. AWESOME!!!!! i want star lords jacket so much and gamoras costume tooooo aaaaaaaahhhhhhh i WANT to be a guardian!!!! .


at the start i think it could be a bit slowed down it all was kinda confusing but thats it

just stuff;

I love this film i’ts just so funny and interesting i was upset when it ended i was like i want more i want more i want more!!!! the characters are just as funny and awesome as always and the new characters i won’t go into detail are brilliant and i’m so glad they brought them into the film and the scenes were so polished and some of the views were just amazing and i wanted to be there for real i really enjoyed how they learned that they are a family and leaves know one behind.


All the characters where great as i already said but how they learn to truly trust each other is nice I think .


this film is brilliant i would totally recomend it to my fellow super hero fans out there or people that just want to try my advice when my dad introduced me to all of this i fell in love with it instantally so give it an go i’m sure you will love it .

COMING SOON Nintendo Switch voice review with Hope and Robert !




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  1. Nice to know you guys are back. I also really enjoyed the movie and just wanted more.

    I would love to hear/read your impressions of the Nintendo Switch and of Zelda BOTW.

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