Hey, guys! It’s Hope and recently I went to the UK GAMES EXPO! I had been looking forward to it for a while and finally it came around.


The hall was HUGE and i mean huge. There were booths showing off games and stands selling hats, cards, soft toys, even weapons! For a while we were just walking around taking all of this in that we were finally after some long months HERE !

I also met a Fan of Land of Excitement and if you’re reading this it was lovely meeting you! After a bit of walking around we went to see the cosplay contest but the final was on Sunday and today was Saturday. I also did have some pocket money with me so i could find something i liked and buy it – i ended up getting Pokemon cards!  We headed over to the family section which is a big chunk of floor with a bunch of tables and the middle table which was bigger than the others held the games so you go up to that middle table and pick up a game and take it back to your table and well, have a shot!

We stayed there for quite a while playing some cool games then we decided we would go and have another tour around the hall because we hadn’t been round the whole hall yet, and then I got a free Dobble hand made of foam. If you didn’t know I’m a BIG fan of Dobble! We also got to meet Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower which was awesome and we had a little chat.

A game I really enjoyed was Ice-Cool, which is a tense flicking game all about penguins. My dad won — BOO HOO — but it’s a fun game with a lot of people. Another fact is that me and my dad tried to find the hotel and we had to climb over the car park fence which just led us the wrong! way!

The second day me and my dad got up bright and early and had breakfast in the hotel. An English breakfast — YUMMY!!! With tummies full and happy we headed over to the Expo. Soon after we just arrived we lined up for The Dice Tower Q&A – my dad even asked a question! After that we headed back to the family section and we played Storyline which is a game where you have different types of cards like character cards, describing cards, action cards — things like that. And then the third player puts out the card with the starting sentence, for example:

ONCE UPON A TIME LIVED A ( CHARACTER CARD ). The two other people choose their best character card and put it on the table but the third player needs to choose which one is best for the story. But the twist is they don’t know whose is whose! If they pick your card you get a point, and if your card’s not picked you don’t get a point.

And after some more looking about it was time to head home i was quite sad to leave but excited to get home!

This event was awesome and enjoyable the score is:


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  1. That sounds brilliant Hope, glad you enjoyed it. I wish I could’ve went, but your review was a brilliant way of telling me what I missed. Thanks!

  2. hiya hope
    It’s nice to know that there’s at least 1 other 10 year old girl that both loves board games and went to the board games expo this year. So sad I missed you there, but my dad and my brother claimed to have both seen and conversed with you and your dad, if this is true I am outright jealous!!!
    Moving on from me to the thing I am supposed to be commenting on I think your percent is tweaked to perfection aka 97% is what I would have roughly given it.

    I played ice cool too I WON !!!!!!!!!, but my favourite game I played there was probably the batman preview, my team won, my team consisted of: me (as cat woman), my brother (as batman) & my dad (as red hood). I wanted to play Story Line but we apparently did not have enough time so I hope you enjoyed that.

    So now I am at last stopping this comment
    I am so sorry for making this so long but I have not written many comments before so

    1. hi there Connie! sorry i missed you at the expo thanks so much for the comment and i’m glad you enjoyed the expo!


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