Warhammer Build & Paint Is Out!

Exciting things are afoot at Games Workshop these days!

We’ve just had a delivery of the brand new Warhammer 40K Build + Paint kits, and we’re going to be covering their assembly in our new building and painting posts, tailored towards new hobbyists and kids!

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Daddy COTG 2: When You’re Away


I’m playing Final Fantasy XV with my 9 year old daughter, and I’m not allowed to progress the story if she’s not there. The game exists now as a kind of waiting station, a virtual bench in a virtual park where I can sit for a while doing not very much of anything. Thankfully, Final Fantasy XV is a Japanese RPG, so it’s the perfect place to just hang around.

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How My Daughter Learned To Love The FPS


Over the past week, I’ve been watching my 9 year old daughter play a First Person Shooter. It’s a genre of video game that she’s never expressed any interest in before. In fact, when she sees daddy loading up an FPS, she rolls her eyes and goes to find something else to do.

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Hi folks! It’s Robert here.

Having spent a good couple of weeks with PSVR, I can tell you that the experience continues to touch me on a profound level. When I first played around with the headset, I was doing it with others around me, playing multiplayer things and making it all very social. That little honeymoon period was all about showing off the exciting new gadget.

Now that I’ve had a night or two completely alone with the thing, the true potential of VR is making itself known.

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