Warhammer Build & Paint Is Out!

Exciting things are afoot at Games Workshop these days!

We’ve just had a delivery of the brand new Warhammer 40K Build + Paint kits, and we’re going to be covering their assembly in our new building and painting posts, tailored towards new hobbyists and kids!

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Daddy’s Blog 2 – Future Plans


Hey. Robert here.

So we’re up and running at Land of Excitement. It’s been a really exciting couple of weeks, and to our Patreon supporters I say this – you have made a young girl (and her father) very happy. And now that our editor understands that she’s actually going to be making a little bit of pocket money out of this endeavour, she’s been making big plans for the future of this site. You want to know what we’ll be doing? Read on.

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Daddy’s Blog 1 – Hello, then.


Hello, then.

My name is Robert Florence, or Rab Florence, or The Pyramid. But my editor knows me better as Daddy. This is the very first edition of Daddy’s blog, and just a quick one that allows me to say hello. I’m very, very excited to be working on Land of Excitement, and my new boss has been very supportive of me so far. It seems a little bit excessive that I have to make her dinner and read her stories at bedtime, but a freelance writer will take the work where he can get it.

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